Candidate Testimonials

GoodPeople Connect is wonderful, I even got rewarded for accepting a job offer.”

“GoodPeople have offered work trials and given me mock interviews. They helped me improve my interview techniques, and they constantly keep in contact to monitor my progress.
— Peter Khang To
Everything has changed to be honest. Obviously I never expected to work in The Shard. My relationship with my family, my friends, socialising – everything’s changed.
— Cemille Genc
GoodPeople have helped me a lot. I’ve noticed I’m a lot more confident with approaching people, especially on the phone. Everyone has noticed the change in me- I’m a lot happier in a way. Before I was working, I felt lazy. Everyone says I’m a lot more involved, and they can see a huge difference. MY confidence has improved, I feel like I can take more challenges on now.
— Grant Miller
All I can say is that GoodPeople live up to their name. With GoodPeople’s help, I managed to land a job as a Customer Services Assistant with Transport for London. I feel marvellous and excited. I already feel more independent!
— Sade Grant
I really liked the way that GoodPeople look for positions that fit the skills of the people that you have. They stayed in touch, so you don’t feel thrown away. A lot of time without a job you feel like you are a little bit lost so it was a very good feeling to have that support.
— Mary Simon
My confidence has definitely changed. Even though I got the job, GoodPeople haven’t stopped helping me, I see one of their volunteer personal development coaches every week. She’s helping me to progress in my field of work. She’s helping me to step out of my comfort zone, like talk to people I wouldn’t normally talk to. It’s helped a lot.
— Nickeita Johnson
I was thinking of packing up and going back to Jamaica, and to do that would have been a big failure for me. But GoodPeople gave me a new hope and a new beginning. I owe these guys a great deal… I wouldn’t have this now. I’m willing to recommend anyone and everyone to this organisation.
— Paul Pussey
GoodPeople focus on one-to-one contact, which is everything yet you don’t get it in a lot of other places. Often in other companies they don’t want to know you since they’ve got a long list and you end up being just another number.
— George Lowe