Sade Grant

I was out of work for a year- I wanted a career change from my restaurant manager job, but was struggling.

I found that the longer I was out of work, the more trouble I had explaining it to employers. Being out of work really knocked my confidence and self-esteem. Eventually my mind wasn’t ticking as much as usual and I was slowly losing motivation. You see over 100 applications for a single job and you just give up hope. It’s disheartening.

I met GoodPeople at an open day, and stayed in touch with them to see if they could find me any opportunities. They helped me realise that the way my CV was structured didn’t help me, and that my interview technique was suffering because of my lack of confidence.

A lot of their support, especially around interview techniques, helped me to deal with my nerves. It was really beneficial, and has helped me to work on my weaknesses.

After our initial meetings, they invited me to complete an internship with them as a Recruitment Administrator and Personal Assistant. It was a great opportunity because of the location in the Shard, which looks so impressive on your CV. It was fantastic to have first-hand experience of a corporate environment. And most importantly, it gave me my motivation and confidence back, as well as job opportunities.

What made them different to other employment support was that they don’t lose contact with you, and you’re not passed around the block. All I can say is that GoodPeople live up to their name. With GoodPeople’s help, I managed to land a job as a Customer Services Assistant with Transport for London. I feel marvellous and excited. I already feel more independent!