Paul Pussey

I migrated to Europe in 2012 and that’s when I stopped working.  I’m not used to sitting down not doing anything- this is the first time in thirty years I’ve not worked. I’ve been working from age eighteen. But with strength and GoodPeople, things are looking up.

I’ve been offered a job as Back of House attendant at the Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard, which is starting in May. I’m looking forward to it. Its different, it’s a change away from looking at jobs and not getting any for the past two years. That was up and down. It was going to different places, writing to different companies and some of them didn’t even respond – and when they do they’re sorry and they’ll consider you for other vacancies.

So getting this is a plus. And I have to congratulate GoodPeople. I think they are a wonderful set of guys. They took us on tours of the Shard building. They were the one who arranged classes. It was very very helpful, hence me getting this job because it prepared me for this interview. It really helped me.

Now, I’m proud. Because up to now this is the first time I’ve been offered a job, really offered a job. One where I went for an interview and was successful, so I’m elated.

I was thinking of packing up and going back to Jamaica, and to do that would have been a big failure for me. But there is a new hope and a new beginning. I owe these guys a great deal… I wouldn’t have this now. I’m willing to recommend anyone and everyone to this organisation.

It’s like you’re born again, so to speak. I’m a cheerful person and for the past year I haven’t smiled this widely. There wasn’t anything for me to smile about, I was just being worried about the future and what is going to happen. GoodPeople showed me a light. I am really elated with them, trust me.

Each move I make, I’m reflecting back on GoodPepole. I think they have really really motivated me, and they’re still doing it. I hope they continue to do what they do!