Our values define us, and ensure that quality and integrity are at the heart of all the work we do.


There is valuable knowledge and expertise within the public, private and social sectors. It is only through working together that genuine positive impact at a large scale can be made.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between profit and not-for-profit, and spot unique opportunities for ‘shared value’ partnerships and collaboration


Given the right tools, resources and access to opportunities, every one of us has the power to discover our star quality and use our talent to change the world in a meaningful way. Something amazing happens when we are given the opportunity to align what we are good at with the causes that truly matter to us. We work harder, we care more and we produce work of the highest quality.

We want to empower this star quality in the people we work with: our team, our clients, our suppliers and, of course, the GoodPeople community.


Everything we do has social impact at its heart. When it comes to socially responsible business we want to lead from the front.

We’re on a mission to mainstream good corporate citizenship and responsible business by showing how ‘doing good’ can benefit organisations economically, as well as create lasting social impact in the communities they serve.


We use design thinking with technology to spark innovations that matter.

We are lean. We are agile. And we have a culture of collaboration, partnership and co-design wired into our DNA.

We know that no single team or individual can out-think an entire network. That’s why we regularly turn to our trusted friends and connections to ask for feedback and advice when we need it. We apply a learn, test, build approach to everything we do.