Nickeita Johnson

I was working in the Radisson Hotel until I lost my job. GoodPeople Connect came in time and they found me a job within two weeks!

That helped me get the job at Shangri-La Hotel and I’m very pleased with it. I work in the staff canteen at Shangri-La. I really like it there, which shows that when I came to GoodPeople Connect they actually matched my skills and experience basically and found me the perfect job.

The GoodPeople Personal Development course helped me, my problem was with job interviews. The course helped me to promote myself and learn how to answer basic interview questions. Every interviewer asks the same questions, but I’d never scripted my answers before- I always made it up on the spot and I didn’t sound convincing. GoodPeople helped me with feeling confident. I had so many interviews before but I never got the job but GoodPeople sat me down and taught me the skills I needed.

My confidence has definitely changed. Even though I got the job, GoodPeople haven’t stopped helping me, I see one of their volunteer personal development coaches every week. She’s helping me to progress in my field of work. She’s helping me to step out of my comfort zone, like talk to people I wouldn’t normally talk to. It’s helped a lot.

Some recruiters are too busy for you.You tell them specifically what experience you have and what kind of jobs you want and they show you jobs that arn’t appropriate- they’ve not really listened to you. There’s no communication. I noticed GoodPeople have good communication. That shows they really do care. They’re more friendly. I have a daughter and GoodPeople took her into consideration when looking for work for me, the hours at Shangri-La are reasonable and flexible so I get to spend time with her too.

I would definitely recommend GoodPeople Connect. They just do a good job.