New Year... New Career

with Mark Lyttleton

Have you set some new year resolutions?
Is getting a new job part of your 2015 goals?  Are you looking to improve your career?

If you are currently working towards finding employment you may benefit from improved confidence. Believing you have the ability to achieve your goals and to convince the employer that you are capable also is vital to a recruitment process.  

In this masterclass we explore the things that affect our confidence and stops us from reaching our highest potential.  We also look at how we can adapt and change to get more success in our lives.  

A small shift in our thinking can open up a world of opportunity and success
— Mark Lyttleton

Mark has spent over 20 years working in finance within large organisations before deciding to take time off to re-evaluate his personal career.  At the peak of his career, Mark was known as one of the world's largest and most successful asset managers. One of his achievements is growing £100 million into £4 billion worth of assests!

Mark has now moved into training and coaching and joins GoodPeople to inspire others to reach their full potential.