Cemille Genc

I first started work as an event steward in 2008 gaining skills in crowd control and learning how to deal with variety of situations. I did that for quite a while and then went back to college to do business studies.

After being out of employment for a year, I decided to apply for an SIA licence to become a security officer. However, my confidence was lacking and was a massive barrier to getting work. I was shy to put myself forward and speak up for myself, which stopped me from achieving my goals.

During that period I came across a job vacancy through Southwark Works, who put me in touch with GoodPeople Connect

GoodPeople Connect got me an interview with Ultimate Security Services Ltd. as a Security Officer at the Shard. After supporting me throughout the interview process, they have been meeting me to do personal development coaching regularly since I got the job.

Working for one of the most iconic buildings in Europe is the experience of a lifetime. My job involves customer service a lot and getting to deal with different people from different backgrounds, which I really enjoy. From day one, everyone has been very supportive at GoodPeople Connect, Southwark Works and Ultimate Security Solutions.

Everything has changed to be honest. Obviously I never expected to work in The Shard. My relationship with my family, my friends, socialising – everything’s changed.

 Words can’t describe how I feel now that I’ve found work. I am very excited to have this fantastic job, but also ambitious to continue achieving my goals.

What’s different about GoodPeople Connect is that they’ve been there for me throughout. The fact that they were available all the time, gave me that confidence knowing that my back was covered.

They’re professional and know what they’re doing – I would definitely recommend them!