Peter Khang To

Peter was out of work for three years after completing his degree. Having attended several unsuccesful interviews, Peter was losing confi‑dence which created a cycle of diminished confi‑dence and unsuccesful interviews. He was supported by the Work Programme and was later put in touch with GoodPeople who led on Peter’s recruitment process.

GoodPeople sent Peter to several interviews, preemptively providing extensive interview preparation. Peter worked closely with GoodPeople’s Phil Starr, who gave Peter several one to one interview preparation sessions in anticipation of two upcoming interviews, one of which Peter had attained himself.

The interview preperation and coaching, ultimately proved successful, resulting in an accepted job off­er in a new concept restaurant with excellent growth potential.

Peter claims the resulting succcess was due to his regained con‑fidence, the company research he had undertaken and his overall preparedness for his interview.

Since then, Phil and Peter keep in regular contact. In three months Peter has already been given increased hours & responsibility, and he is
relishing the opportunity.