Mary Simon

I’ve been in London for three and a half years. I was always sending a lot of CVs and nothing came back, just “thank you for you CV but you’ve not been successful”. I don’t know why it was happening, maybe I didn’t have the experience in London, or I didn’t have the contacts in the right industry, maybe I wasn’t looking in the right place.

The feeling of unemployment gave me the strength to set up my own business. It was nothing big, it just gave me an opportunity to learn and grow. I ran guest houses at first and then apartments. Even though it was very demanding, I had a lot of spare time because the work was internet based and the operational part was receiving guests, so it would give me time with nothing to do. I still wanted a job, because I still had my whole day and I want to learn more things.

I went to the JobCentre and they told me about GoodPeople Connect. Marylin was very good, she didn’t just tell me “this is what is available”, she was always asking me “what would you like to do, what is your dream job?”. We worked together over 8 months, she got me interviews but it didn’t work out because it was never the right position, but one day she told me “I have the position for you.”

It was unbelievable, in one week everything was done. It was the position for me. And I’m so glad, so happy, as we say in Columbia it was a “ring for a finger”. I can’t express my gratitude. They didn’t only help me to get the position, but also negotiated with them, told them “she’s the right one, you need to take her” and they did even though I had holiday booked after my start date.

I’m working in the Shard, with their two restaurants, Aqua Shard and Hutong, as the Administrator for both, where I am liaising with HR and the kitchen, and working one customer service. So far it has been great! I already passed my probation, which I’m very happy with and my boss is very happy too. It’s the perfect job. I feel it’s natural, I’ve been learning a lot of new things.

I really liked the way that GoodPeople look for positions that fit the skills of the people that you have. They stayed in touch, so you don’t feel thrown away. A lot of time without a job you feel like you are a little bit lost so it was a very good feeling to have that support.

I think without their help I still wouldn’t have work. Without GoodPeople I don’t know what would have happened. I have already recommended them! It was a great experience to meet them.