Grant Miller

After I finished college in 2012, everyone was advising that I go to university, which I didn’t want to do. I started looking for work with the JobCentre, and I ended up getting passed around a bit between different organisations.

I was always focused on IT work- I didn’t want to do anything else. These organisations tried to change my mind, told me I wouldn’t find employment otherwise, but I was determined to work in IT. In the end they just cut their losses with me and stopped calling.

I started applying for jobs myself. I knew I wanted to do an apprenticeship, it was the only way forward. I applied to about ten a day and got rejected every time, for about a year, which was demoralising. It makes you stop wanting to try.

Luckily, I got an interview with Unleashing Potential, and everything went through with them. Marylin from GoodPeople Connect became my coach.

When GoodPeople emailed me to offer the coaching, I thought “why not?” so I went for it. Marylin set me tasks, asked how I was doing at work, and encouraged me into doing some things differently. This got me into my manager’s good books even more! A lot of my personal development has improved- everything Marylin taught me was actually working. After it ended, I started thinking “what would Marylin say to me?”- and that’s going well so far…!

GoodPeople have helped me a lot. I’ve noticed I’m a lot more confident with approaching people, especially on the phone. Everyone has noticed the change in me- I’m a lot happier in a way. Before I was working, I felt lazy. Everyone says I’m a lot more involved, and they can see a huge difference. My confidence has improved, I feel like I can take more challenges on now.

I can’t think of any improvements to make to the service. I would definitely recommend you. If I had to choose again between the organisations I used I’d definitely choose you.

I know you guys want to deliver the passion of your candidates. You make sure it’s the right job, you like to give the person signing up the hope that they’re going to get the right job, unlike anyone else. That’s what makes you different.