George Lowe

I was out of work for over a year and spent a good eight months of that job hunting. I even ended up looking right out into Kent. The main barrier for me was finding a job that paid well enough for the experience that I have. There were jobs out there that I could do, but I was having trouble finding anything at the level I wanted, as I have an extensive background in the sector. Security isn’t something I just walked into in the last couple of years – I’ve been doing it for a long time. I often thought, “I’ve got all this and more,” when looking for security roles but the hourly rate would only be $6 an hour. I think the industry got flooded during the buildup to the Olympics.

My family and I had to draw the belt in and live well within our means. I had to watch what I was putting in my petrol tank and things like that.

Through Southwark Works, I was put up for a role as a Security Officer and Fire Marshall at the Shard, and was put in touch with GoodPeople Connect. They rang up my interviewer to make sure he was still going to be there and took over the entire process. Having them as a mediator was good because they work in the Shard as well, which allowed me to get all the information I wouldn’t have otherwise got from the employer and put me on the inside track to be better prepared for my interview

I spoke to Marylin from GoodPeople Connect a lot on the day of the interview and ended up getting the job. I’m now part of the Security team at the Shard, which involves patrolling the Shard, making sure everything meets Health and Safety regulations, and generally just being the eyes and ears for management. It’s an interesting building to work in and I’ve been pleased with the role.

I’ll often pop down to GoodPeople Connect’s offices and have a coffee with Marylin and discuss my progress – it’s been nice. I haven’t had any issues since I think Ultimate Security Services is a good company to work for, but I know if I did I could go to GoodPeople Connect if I had a problem and I wasn’t sure how to go about it.

I’ve got a camper van now which I wouldn’t have bee able to have got if I and recently was able to go on holiday to Germany. Because the money is good in this job it’s given me the freedom to do that.

I’m 51 so I’m a bit more used to talking to people and resolving any issues I have but I think GoodPeople Connect would be especially good for young people who aren’t sure about the direction they want to head in.

They focus on one-to-one contact, which is everything yet you don’t get it in a lot of other places. Often they don’t want to know you since they’ve got a long list and you end up being just another number.

My experience with them has been really good and it is definitely be a stop that I’d recommend for people that are looking for a line