What is social recruitment?

Businesses have an opportunity to not only provide a product or service, but to engage positively and on a greater level within their local community, not only because it is the "right thing to do" - but because it makes business sense:

  • Increases diversity

  • Lowers sourcing costs

  • Fuels innovation

  • Attracts more talent 

  • Increases local spending power

  • Expands customer base

  • Builds brand

  • Achieves CSR goals

  • Makes a difference

At the heart of what we do - GoodPeople offers a free recruitment service which enables businesses to positively impact peoples lives- while fulfilling commercial objectives. We partner with London-wide companies to design and deliver a socially impactful recruitment service that utlizes the local talent pool. Whether you're a an independent business, require Section 106 support, or want to run a large recruitment campaign, GoodPeople can provide a 360 recruitment service to meet your needs.

Where we stand out - Our performance is measured on sustainability, therefore, any placements we make must complete a minimum of six months in employment in order to fulfil our KPI's. This ofcourse means that, we place a keen focus on getting the right people, for the right jobs.

Our Clients

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