What makes GoodPeople Connect Different?

Here at GoodPeople Connect, we like to do things differently. First and foremost, we are trying to fundamentally change the way that unemployment is tackled in South London; and that means throwing away the conventional work programme provider approach. The old traditional systems just aren’t working, which is where we come in. So what makes us so unique and so effective at what we do?

We are experienced recruiters. We know what we’re doing. Coming from professional recruitment backgrounds from a variety of sectors, our team knows how to effectively manage the process from the start to the end. We identify the core needs of our clients and find the talent to match. Our combined expertise ensures smooth running of the recruitment stages, and high quality service to all of our clients.

We are qualified coaches. Crucial to our ability to develop candidates, all of our staff members are qualified coaches. We’re therefore able to give personal support to them, whether this is helping them work through confidence issues to understanding their body language in interviews. This approach fast tracks the work-ready candidates to our employers and gives candidates less prepared for work the appropriate feedback and chance to improve before they meet employers.

We deliver what we say we will. We know our strengths and we know our limitations, we tell it how it is and we are not afraid to say no. We are a business, we hire professionals, we hit targets, we make money. This strong ethos means that we are realistic, and we want to meet and surpass our client’s expectations.

We don’t do ‘one application fits all’. Every candidate has their unique skills and we strongly believe there is a job out there for everyone. By personalising our approach, we achieve high interview to employment conversion rates.

We support our candidates. And not just pre- employment. We want our candidates to sustain their work, so we’re available to them at every stage through 6 months of employment. Both candidates and clients benefit from happy employment.

We really connect people. We have excellent relationships with our employers and candidates,  and we are good at putting the right people together under the right circumstances. There’s no point in wasting the time of clients and candidates by forcing interviews that aren’t going to work out.

Ultimately, we are devoted to changing the status quo. We are flexible and not afraid to take risks and learn from mistakes. We care about our reputation, and we care about yours too. Old methods of employment support are failing people, employers and communities. GoodPeople Connect want to regenerate the local area’s employment prospects, where we’re making an impact on both an individual and community-wide level.

If your company wants to take advantage of our fantastic, free, managed recruitment service and to help revolutionsie employment in Southwark, get in touch with us by emailing info@goodpeople.co.uk