Is having a professional email address important?

The answer is yes, yes it is! If first impressions, in person, are made in 7 seconds according to the business magazine ‘Business Insider’, then digital first impressions occur in an instant. Email addresses, a primary method of job applications and communication in the 21st century, can be all it takes for a recruiting manager to decide whether or not you are company material. As a hopeful professional, you must consider how your email address represents you. All aspects of your digital footprint amass to form your brand, and if you want to be professional, you have to carefully monitor your digital appearance right down to the email address.

What makes a bad email address?

You could be limiting your chances at success because you have been too lazy (or too attached), to shed that embarrassing “”, inappropriately raunchy “”, or down right confusing “” email you’ve had since you were 12. (These are similar to a few we have come across)

Your email address is bad if-

  • It fails to clearly identify who you are
  • It’s too confusing to remember
  • Looks like an email address associated with spam

What makes for a good professional address?

Simple and concise is the way to go! ‘Eye catching’ can be a negative trait in a professional email address. A good professional email address should do one thing- inform the recipient precisely who is making contact! Eccentric email names, alter egos, and complex numbers run the risk of confusing and potentially deterring the recruiter from the primary reason for receiving that email.

Carefully consider what industry you are trying to appeal to, and what message you are trying to get across. Availability of domain names can be a difficulty, therefore if you must add a number, keep them relevant and to a minimum.

Remember, simple and concise keeps the message precise.