About GoodPeople

GoodPeople is a social enterprise, based at The Shard in London. Our expertise lies in the design and delivery of sustainable CSR programmes – underpinned by our proprietary technology.

Since inception in 2010, we have worked with public and private sector leaders within DWP, British Telecom, National Health Service, Barclays Bank and The Shard to develop high-impact programmes that tackle important social issues.

 Typically our work has focussed on addressing the issues concerned by supporting unemployed or under-employed communities into sustainable employment. In many cases, ‘work’ is key to transforming individual lives, and preventing downstream issues.

GoodPeople has pioneered an extremely cost effective, network-based delivery model, and is achieving market-leading outcomes as a result of this approach.

 We are now seeking to replicate and scale our approach into other markets.